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August 30th, 2008 by stuart

Using Phweet Dial-in on the iPhone

So you want to use Phweet on your phone? You’ve just received a Phweet notification from Twitter via SMS. A Twitter friend wants to talk to you! This set of instructions will get Phweet working on your iPhone.

iPhone and Phweet Detail Step by Step with instructions.
iPhone and Phweet Slideshow (turn ‘info on”)This is the same show below with instructions visible.

Note: I’ve tested the same basic approach on Nokia n-Series phones. Like the iPhone example (we’re stil an alpha!) the screens have not been optimized. On an N95 if you zoom the browser to 50% Phweet presents ok.

Some things to note.

When you send a Phweet it is a talk request. Depending on how the recipient manages their twitter notifications they may get it instantly (SMS) or there may be a delay (twitter apps) or even longer if it is a direct message and they check their email infrequently.

To be fast and responsive set up SMS notifications to your phone (Twitter limits this to US, Canada, & India for now). You can do this in settings / devices / SMS / on. Concurrently change your settings / notifications / “all @ replies”. Then even people you are not following can send you a message and potentially a call request. This should be the default.

All Phweets set up by “d” direct message are private. Only the host may invite additional people into the Phweet. Friends and Followers may ast the host to join public “@” phweets. That makes them more fun!

Dial-in works great when you receive Phweet however take care using dial-in when you send Phweets to others. If you miss the SMS beep notifying you of your friends acceptance they may be left on the bridge listening to music. Today I recommend solving this by downloading Gizmo5 installing on your PC, going to the profile and adding the SIP number to your channels. Then buying some minutes and setting Gizmo5 to call forward to your mobile. Now when you are not on your laptop or fail to answer the call there your mobile will ring. No need to ever miss that important moment when your Phweet request has been accepted. Plus now you have the freedom to take Phweet calls almost anywhere.

RIght now you must have a US “CallerID’ for this to work. We hope to add other countries in the future. If you have a US SkypeIn number you can also set that as your CallerID and then use Skype to dial-in to your Phweet session.

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