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August 30th, 2008 by stuart

Using Gizmo5 with Phweet

The TringMe flash widget makes it easy to take Phweet calls on any PC without downloading anything. In many ways it is the ultimate in convenience until you want to start hosting Phweet sessions yourself or simply want to free yourself from a headset and start using a phone. The other downside of the practicality is you may pop in and out of the Phweet session for a few moments while you invite others or even accidentally close your browser tab.

We have many more solutions and choices on the way. My first SIP share uses Gizmo5 a SIP based client that embraces open telephony that has been around almost as long as Skype. The way we use it gives it new meaning. You won’t need to add any buddies or new contacts. You will just need an account setup. Then you will find the audio quality improves and you gain new opportunities to direct calls to where you want for just a few dollars.

Gizmo5 and Phweet Detail Step by Step with instructions.
Gizmo5 and Phweet Slideshow (turn ‘info on”) This is the same show below with instructions visible.

When you follow the complete set of instructions and if you enable this new Phweet client on auto answer you will find that accepting Phweets becomes “seamless”. “Accept Invitiation” and you are talking. However do be aware that if you are hosting the call and have Gizmo5 set this way when the Recipient accepts the call you may just hear them calling out “hey… are you there?” for there won’t be a ring. Disable the auto answer if this bothers you. Key point is when hosting a Phweet you don’t want to miss that call when they accept your request to talk.

For Advanced Users some things to note:

If you have access to any SIP number you can direct calls to that device. For example in your company you may actually have a SIP phone on your desktop and you probably don’t even know it. All you need is the SIP address for that phone and you can insert it in Phweet. Now you can direct calls that handset just by selecting the channel. Ask the IT guys.

I’ve shown this example using Gizmo5. Using it on your desktop costs nothing. Forwarding calls to many other SIP numbers is also free. The only time you pay is when the call has to be connected to a PSTN number (that’s your mobile or landline). One day maybe even your mobile provider will give you a SIP number. Why should you pay for redirecting a VoIP call to your mobile? It’s your handset don’t you just want the convenience? Note in the USA you are running minutes either way! SIP would be cheaper for the mobile operator!

Gizmo5 is also installed on many high end Nokia n-series handsets with WiFi. Similarly Truphone offers a similar service. This makes it easier to integrate using Phweet on your mobile. If you already use Truphone you can insert your SIP number into Phweet the same way we updated channels with Phweet. Unfortunately many companies that use SIP / VoIP related protocols remain closed. Examples of CLOSED TELEPHONEY are Skype, Rebtel, Jajah, Mobivox. We hope they will soon provide their users with SIP connection options so their users can embrace the numberless calling opportunity provided by Phweet. At Phweet we’d suggest you consider moving your “CallOUT” minutes to providers that embrace this philosopy. It won’t cost you anymore to use their services to make your long distance calls.

When you have added other Channel options to Phweet you will find that you can even “leave” a Phweet and return on anther channel. This is something I often do. Taking the call on my mobile and then switching to another phone or application.

Apart from embracing OPEN TELEPHONY, one of the key differences Phweet embraces is the idea of zero switching costs. We don’t want you to download new software to get you talking. We don’t want you to adopt or have to use a headset on a laptop if you hate talking that way. I know I like walking around outside when I’m talking. You like talking on your home phone or office phone? If you have a unique callerID you can simply add that to the channel page and “dial-in” to the Phweet session. I know a number of people that wait for their browser to “whistle” and then change channels to “dial-in” and simply have the number on speed-dial! This only works in the USA for now. Other countries will be coming. See also the iPhone with Phweet instructions.

When you set up a Phweet you create your own private telephone exchange that you then advertise (share) to those you want to talk to by sending them a Twitter message. This message and the PhweetURL it contains replaces the dial-tone. Just keep thinking about it. You don’t need a number to call anyone anymore. You just need to see their profile or a webpage with a little Phweet button on it. Need to see that? Check this out. Adding Phweet to your Twitter page.

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  1. Nice article. How have you found the call quality for calls placed through Gizmo5?

  2. […] If Jajah would give Phweet a SIP interconnect then we could make both services complementary. We could enable quick and easy calling to tweeters outside one’s follower list without breach of privacy or their need to have an account. We could do this in hours rather than days or months! (see how Phweet works with Gizmo) […]

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