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July 1st, 2008 by stuart

Phweet Technology

Phweet is a rather special patent pending approach to telephony. Phweets are a new form of conversation and a few of us are already sending and taking Phweets on our iPhones and Nokias. In fact we believe mobile is the future for both Twitter and Phweet. Connecting Twitter, web calls and conferences to the PSTN remains challenging. Understanding the opportunity and making it happen are two different things. 

Phweet launches with capabilities that five years ago were talked about and yet effectively still dreams. Phweet works out of the box to connect Flash and SIP numbers for free. You can use any open SIP service with it. That also means it will work on many new Nokia phones with WiFi. It also connects Phweet calls to the PSTN and a few accounts are being tested now. Thus you can expect to route calls anywhere. 

A substantial part of Phweet was years in the making. Phweet uses the TelEvolution platform. TelEvolution was architected by my Phweet co-founder David Beckelmeyer. It means we are using a VoIP service platform that can be controlled by web services APIs. So upfront,  Phweet is engineered to make calls on another API and we’ve used one of the most open platforms in TelEvolution available. This cut our time to market down to days and kept our costs low while knowing which elements are already proven and robust.

While David would be delighted for you to build your answer to the future of Telephony on TelEvolution, Phweet proves both as a reference service and in terms of potential that web/voice/social-media mashups are the future. 

We believe that Phweet and others can sit at the intersection of the web and telephony. We’ve set out to prove it starting with a sound technology base. And no we’re not just Phweet talking you we are talking Phweet.

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