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July 29th, 2008 by stuart

Phweet & the TringMe Connection

When developing a new product or service one tends to keep things underwraps. Even when using another APIs developers keep things fairly tight until they are at a point they can share. A key piece in the Phweet puzzle is being provided by TringMe. They’ve been one of the emerging VoIP providers (like Phonegnome / TelEvolution which is simply more in-house…) that provide an open and public API.

So it wasn’t until we were almost ready to share Phweet publicly and I’d been testing with Aswath Rao who said he could introduce us. That made contact simple and we connected with Yusuf Motiwala and the team at TringMe. Yusuf and TringMe has been leading the development of Flash VoIP based solutions with an open API. We simply found them inspiring and easy to make the connection with. As a result we were delighted to learn we will be able to improve the flash experience over the coming days and weeks in a number of ways.

What excites us? Well we were able to get to startup stage pretty much on their API documentation alone. That says it’s robust and works. I can’t tell you how unusual that can be. In addition they’ve made their API a centerpoint of their VoIP strategy. They are working to build a platform; we know their own system uses exactly the same API to provide their services. That’s a credit to them and it means it’s not an afterthought. That also suports our choice. We are a lot safer building elements of our service out on this API rather than others which didn’t start with an API in mind.

We’re looking forward to contining to work with the TringMe team. It’s very likely your first Phweet will be with a TringMe widget. We believe you will be impressed.

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