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August 22nd, 2008 by dina

Phweet Afloat in the Twitosphere and Blogosphere

We’ve been asked several times whether Phweet is a noun or a verb. We’d like to think it’s both.  Phweetisms we like, even more!

Here’s a collection of user-generated comments around Phweet afloat in the Twitter world and the blogosphere:

Twitter’s curry; it is called Phweet: TeachEng.Us

A CB radio – space for spontaneous conference calling: Chinarut

Post Cards, and Now Phone Calls, from Twitter Island Tweet-Phweet: Ed Moltzen

Michael Bauwens,P2P Foundation – Phone + Twitter = Phweet

Ruthlessly Simplified Disintermediation – Jim Courtney at Skype Journal

Jon Husband at the FastForward Blog:Twitter Conjoined With Instant Calling (TM) = Phweet

VoIP is Unstoppable – It’s Simply our Infrastructure – Ken Camp

Jeff Pulver: a new application promoting the End-to-end principle.

Christopher Herot: (Try doing a Twitter search on “Skype”.)  The result: Phweet.

Who says you can’t VOIP on Aircell, I just did it – Andy Abramson

PhoneBoy Phweet PhoneBoy: because I can?

Mark Mayhew: @comcastcares are you using http://phweet.com yet (to enhance your customer support)?

This one made us laugh – Phweet-Phound-of-Phuccess: Doug Haslam

Phweet has that wild-west VoIP feel – ntheory

“On-Demand Consulting” and “The principle of talk radio”: Mark Mayhew in a Phweet conversation with Stuart and me.

Phweet Rocks!: Scott Baird, @mediapirate

VOIP from your browser (via Twitter) direct to my Truphone and Phweet to front-end calls to Truphone – James Body of Truphone

A cool visual representation of Andy’s Aircell-Phweet experience, from ValleyWag:

Atmasphere: it’s pretty damn simple

Do drop in more Phweetisms at the comments – get as creative as you wish :)

5 Responses to “Phweet Afloat in the Twitosphere and Blogosphere”

  1. Thanks (thankph?) for the link! I heard about Phweet just yesterday via Jeff Pulver. Haven’t tried it yet I’ll admit, but I will definitely be checking you out soon.

  2. thanks for the mention! sounds like your comment with mark went well! i’ll be in phweet-land soon enough. let me lay a few bricks here in LA first 😉

  3. Hey Doug and Chinarut – welcome to PhweetTalk and thanks for your comments. Do share your feedback when you’ve used Phweet some more – we’d be happy to try out some calls with you and your friends. Happy Phweeting!

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