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August 1st, 2008 by stuart

How to Send and Accept Phweets

Here’s a guideline that may help you send and accept Phweets.  We have tried to simplify this in 3 easy steps:

Do send a Tweet to @stuarthenshall or @phweeter on Twitter if you need any assistance or have suggestions for us.  Happy Phweeting!

3 Responses to “How to Send and Accept Phweets”

  1. Very cool. It is wonderful to see more entries into the consumer side of Voice 2.0, and more recognition that phone mashups do not just have to be about enterprise applications. Please, spread the word!

    It’s fascinating to see the “invite to bridge a call” application spread to an ever-increasing variety of media. MyVox did this with IM as the notification medium, iotum’s done it with their Facebook app (albeit with the con call focus, and now Phweet is showing how well the principle applies to Twitter.

    Curious what you guys are thinking in terms of monetization of your calls; obviously not the emphasis while you are in alpha, but something any Voice 2.0 product has to give serious thought to eventually.

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