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Archive for August, 2008

Dial-in to Phweet – Use Your Phone

Saturday, August 30th, 2008

You just received a Phweet and you don’t have a mic or headset available. You don’t want to decline you simply must take this talk request. Never fear.. just dial-in and make the connection. Phweet makes it easy to “dial-in” and accept calls rather than taken them on your PC. You can call in with any phone that will display an accurate callerID.

Dial-in to Phweet and use your phone or mobile Phweet Detail Step by Step with instructions.
Dial-in to Phweet Slideshow (turn ‘info on”) This is the same show below with instructions visible.


Using Gizmo5 with Phweet

Saturday, August 30th, 2008

The TringMe flash widget makes it easy to take Phweet calls on any PC without downloading anything. In many ways it is the ultimate in convenience until you want to start hosting Phweet sessions yourself or simply want to free yourself from a headset and start using a phone. The other downside of the practicality is you may pop in and out of the Phweet session for a few moments while you invite others or even accidentally close your browser tab.

We have many more solutions and choices on the way. My first SIP share uses Gizmo5 a SIP based client that embraces open telephony that has been around almost as long as Skype. The way we use it gives it new meaning. You won’t need to add any buddies or new contacts. You will just need an account setup. Then you will find the audio quality improves and you gain new opportunities to direct calls to where you want for just a few dollars.

Gizmo5 and Phweet Detail Step by Step with instructions.
Gizmo5 and Phweet Slideshow (turn ‘info on”) This is the same show below with instructions visible.


Using Phweet Dial-in on the iPhone

Saturday, August 30th, 2008

So you want to use Phweet on your phone? You’ve just received a Phweet notification from Twitter via SMS. A Twitter friend wants to talk to you! This set of instructions will get Phweet working on your iPhone.

iPhone and Phweet Detail Step by Step with instructions.
iPhone and Phweet Slideshow (turn ‘info on”)This is the same show below with instructions visible.


Phweet Founders on Squawk Box

Tuesday, August 26th, 2008

Founders David and Stuart share their perspective on Phweet and what makes it different, in a broad-ranging discussion triggered by Andy Abramson’s smart little experiment using Phweet on Aircell.

Download the podcast or play in pop-up.

The discussions included a broadranging technical disucssion that has been further fullowed up. Here’s two illustrations – Dan York tells us why you can use Phweet when Skype is blocked and TringMe’s CEO Yusuf Motivala shares more about Tringme’s traffic platform.

Squawk Box is Iotum‘s Alec Saunders’ daily soapbox where discussions range from a variety of issues around VOIP, video, communications and even wine! 

Our Users are Talking

Monday, August 25th, 2008

Thank you all!

Phweet Talk

Phweet Afloat in the Twitosphere and Blogosphere

Friday, August 22nd, 2008

We’ve been asked several times whether Phweet is a noun or a verb. We’d like to think it’s both.  Phweetisms we like, even more!

Here’s a collection of user-generated comments around Phweet afloat in the Twitter world and the blogosphere:

Twitter’s curry; it is called Phweet: TeachEng.Us

A CB radio – space for spontaneous conference calling: Chinarut

Post Cards, and Now Phone Calls, from Twitter Island Tweet-Phweet: Ed Moltzen

Michael Bauwens,P2P Foundation – Phone + Twitter = Phweet

Ruthlessly Simplified Disintermediation – Jim Courtney at Skype Journal

Jon Husband at the FastForward Blog:Twitter Conjoined With Instant Calling (TM) = Phweet


One Phweet Conversation Over AirCell

Thursday, August 21st, 2008

They said it couldn’t be done. AirCell said they would block calls from aircraft. What and who flys and tweets at 35000ft? @Andy Abramson tweeted a little while ago breaking the news that you can talk now on AirCell using Phweet. AirCell had recently announced that WiFi would soon be on all aircraft although no telephony. Well they got that wrong! Phweet!


Phweet Alpha – Flash and PopUp Blockers

Wednesday, August 20th, 2008

I’m finding a higher failure rate than desired for first time users of Phweet who have popup blockers on. Many users on Firefox are using Adblocker. This simply blocks the popup flashwidget. As a result you will be dissatisfied. This is what Phweet with a call on the browser should look like! When you are ready to accept you will see this.

It will look like this after acceptance. If you do not see a page that looks like this turn off your adblocker for Phweet.com. Refresh the page. It should appear.


Twitter Phweet and SMS – Your Smart Phweet Life

Monday, August 18th, 2008

Phweet makes it more obvious than ever that Twitter should share more on how to set up your Twitter Life. I personally have observed that Twitter only really comes alive when you are following a 100+ users maybe more. Then the next problem is even when you follow someone it doesn’t mean that they will necessarily follow you. In the end we are on Twitter to fuel the conversation. And Twitter is a wonderful signaling service.

So how do you get smart about and on Twitter? Read More (more…)

Phweet From Your Twitter Web Page

Monday, August 18th, 2008

We just took Twitter talk to a whole new level of convenience! Now you can use Phweet to escalate your exchanges on Twitter quickly to voice conversations. We’ve put a Phweet button next to every name. No numbers, nothing more required to just get talking! The credit for this idea should go directly to @cleverclogs who runs @twtooltrack and is an ace Twitter mentor!

Here’s what it looks like:

Here’s what happens. Clicking on the Phweet button opens a pre-addressed message window with the PhweetURL. Your message can be public or private. When you push send it will be sent over Twitter.

Note: If you are not yet logged into Phweet you will be asked to first. This is just like any Twitter web app. Phweet uses your Twittername and password to send updates via the API. After the first time Phweet will remember you. Any questions just @stuarthenshall. Your friend will decide when or if to accept your talk request. You are most likely to get a quick response if they recently updated or follow @ or ‘D’ replies on SMS or on a web app like Tweetdeck, Twhirl or Twitterriffic.

How to make your Twitter Phweet Smart!

My colleague David (@mrblog) developed a simple little Greasemonkey hack for Phweet. It provides an easy-to-use Phweet button- all you do is click on the icon next to the name and you start talking! No extra clicks or registration!

Currently it only works with Firefox. To install the hack in Firefox:

Now go and think about your web service and consider how quickly Phweet can bring a seamless voice activation to your users. Phweet! The whole world could be talking at the click of a button!